About Us

Pars Advanced Treatment Engineering Company (PATEC) involves in environmental industry as a consultant and contractor of environmental projects for over five recent years in Iran. PATEC Systems Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2003 whose headquarters is located in Tehran, Iran.
PATEC has been preserving environment by providing high-technology environmental systems and plants for the purpose of treating municipal and various industrial wastewaters. The company is capable of assisting its clients in minimizing the environmental impact of their business operations worldwide. Industrial, municipal, and aquaculture markets seek PATEC's specialized products for treatment of wastewater prior to discharge to sewer systems, rivers, lakes. Flourishing through experiences, PATEC has been developing a variety of products, processes, and services for different demands all around the world. Superior results have been obtained by PATEC's aids in the fields of improving plant performance, reducing operating costs, and extending the life of existing wastewater equipment. PATEC staff closely collaborates with customers, providing support through expertised technical assistance and authorized parts replacement as well as advising upgraded processes. Hence, PATEC is dedicated to providing products and services that will ensure reliability and enhance the performance of wastewater systems throughout their lifetimes.