Pars Advanced Treatment Engineering Company(PATEC) is an integrated systems provider of environmental technology for wastewater treatment. 
For over ten years, PATEC has provided high-technology environmental systems that protect sensitive aquatic and coastal environments. Industrial, municipal, and marine markets seek PATEC's specialized products for treatment of wastewater prior to discharge to sewer systems, rivers or lakes. Through its business activities, PATEC assists its clients in minimizing the environmental impact of their business operations worldwide. 
PATEC services a diverse array of industries including food and beverage, shipboard, chemical, municipal, commercial, institutional, remediation, and waste management market sectors. PATEC has developed a proven suite of products, processes, and services that deliver economic processes for a variety of demanding applications around the world.
Our Mission
We are an integrated systems provider of environmental technology for wastewater treatment, focused on creating long-term customer satisfaction through proven performance.
Our Vision

Our technology and expertise will be sought after throughout the world, based on our reputation for reliability, execution, proven performance, and customer support.

Our Values

Customers We listen to our customers.

Honesty We say what we mean and we do what we say.

Quality We get it right the first time; quality matters.

Learning We celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes.

Teamwork We put the team ahead of ourselves.

Leadership We ask a lot of ourselves and a lot of each other.

Respect We respect and recognize each other's contributions.